Besides our own videoseries ‘Bijzonder!’, we also work with other partners and projects.  In these projects, our strength lies within the social approach: Standing and talking in front of a camera can be difficult. We have the attention and time to make people comfortable. We make sure that the setting is so relaxed that the interview stays natural and spontanious. We listen with open attention, making sure that everybody is telling their own story without judgment or changing the story. The main feedback we get is that we are truly able to capture the actual vibe, making real content.



This year TEDxAmsterdam celebrates its 10 years anniversary. Because of this event, TEDx was looking for filmmakers that can tell the story of this time. In a collaboration with Level V we created a unique behind the scenes.

Our goal was to capture the genuine passion and motivation of the volunteers. What motivates them to participate as a volunteer? The interview is combined with old material, so you can experience their story as well.



JINC is a bridge between education and the job market. Their main focus lies on youth in area’s with big unemployment rates and a lack of rolemodels. They believe that every child has talents and deserve a honest chance. They create chances by projects like ‘job application training’ and mini-internships. The two video’s below are two of those internships, showing different sides of the healthcare, for example to take away prejudice the youth may have. The first video is Dutch spoken, but we have added English subtitles.

JINC – Coloriet

Your strength lies in the involvement in your work, without being annoyingly present. Your contact with the students and residents is natural, making sure everybody feels comfortable. This is a powerful quality. I will definitely recommend you for other projects.

Rika van Bijsteren – Coördinator Coloriet

JINC – Icare       


Funforest Foundation

In the Bijzonder series, we have made a video about Jeff and Michiko, working at the Fun Forest Foundation. The foundation was very thankful for this form of promotion. They have three more locations: in Rotterdam, Almere and Venlo. In 2019, when the climbing forest is opening again, they would love to show us the work they do there and asked us to make video’s about that parcs as well.

‘Standing in front of a camera is something me and my collegue are not comfortable with. The calmness and autenticity of Erik made sure we were relaxed and even had a lot of fun recording.

Michiko Scannell – Social Impact Manager

Bijzonder! Aflevering 12 – Jeff en Michiko


Travelvideo Bali

Last summer we made our first travel video. The video is shot in Indonesia, on the islands of Bali, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.


Recent media projects

The recent project are still in process, so we cannot give away too much information about that. What we can tell you is that we are recently filming with the firefighters of Flevoland, Holland. And we are working on two zooprojects in collaboration with Wildworld (in monkeyforest ‘Apenheul’) and Apemanagement (in ‘Blijdorp zoo’). And in 2019, we will join presenter and former radiomaker Marc de Hond on his new theatertour.