Host and Workshops

The real connection does not neccecarily need to be in online content. Erik gives workshops and is a public speaker. An excellent choice for hosting events and shows. For bookings and information, go to our contact page.

Erik is pleasant in the contact, collegial and very attentive and involved. Because of his calm and reliable working method he quickly wins the trust of people. He sees through situations quickly and can anticipate this properly.

Welmoed Pietersen – GZ psychologist, child and adolescent psychologist


Workshop – How to make real content

How do you capture real content? What can you do to make a interview natural? What skills do you need to make someone tell their own story in a genuine way? What camera skills are required? How do you compress a large interview into a short video, without changing or losing the story? This workshop is for individual and groups available.


Workshop Meditation

A first introduction in meditation combined with two different exercises. The main focus was to stick as much to the basis of meditation as possible, not presenting a certain style or religion. Only the very core, so that everybody interested can find his/her own way in meditation afterwards. After the clinic we share a few free sites and free app’s, that can help search for the meditation style that fits you personally.

Madness festival (juli 2018)


 ‘thanks for the Information and thank you so much for the beach meditation! With your nice words and your way of leading us through the meditation you created a perfect space to let go, calm down and to remember to really FEEL the Moment. The Meditation meant a lot to me and really touched me!’

Merle – visitor of Surfana Festival



Workshop ‘a Surfers Lifestyle’  

This workshop is making the link between the lifestyle of a surfer and subject of mindfulness and modern therapy. What exactly does a surfer do, to stay so relaxed in life? What does he (consciously and unconsciously) practising and what can we learn from that? Again the clinic is not only information, but also exercises to make them experience the things we talk about and practicing new behaviour.



Erik enthusiastically tells about different aspects of the lifestyle in the surf scene, that can help everybody. You notice the positive interaction with the participants’.

 Sjors Kiewiet – organisator MadNes Festival


Workshop – Compassion in Healthcare – how to take care for yourself and others

This workshop started with a question from ROC TOP. They wanted a workshop for the nurses in the mental health department. The main focus is on compassion for yourself as a addition to compassion in your work. The programme was a combination of theory and doing challenges from the psychomotor therapy, that helped with a growing insight in their own behaviour.



Erik has an eye for development. He does not only looks at problems, but especially at possibilities. With clients, with processes, with collaboration, with themselves. He uses that valuable quality well to let others and himself push forward in ‘tiny steps’. In an environment where Erik is giving the space, his way of acting combine many ‘tiny steps’ towards a ‘Big-Move’.

Martin van Baekel – CEO of BigMove Institute