Since high school Erik Jumelet practiced and learned a lot about mindfulness and meditation. His study was at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in Amsterdam. He studied Human movement sciences and specialized in psychomotor therapy (PMT). Immediately after his diploma he started working as a therapist in the dutch mental healthcare. He is also works outdoor: climbing, survival and teambuilding.

Two years ago he started the videoseries ‘Bijzonder!’ (‘Exceptional’ in Dutch). The red line of this series is that everyone has different work and hobbies and therefore comes at places where others do not come often. Each video is a unique behind the scenes combined with an interview: ‘what motivates you, what do you like so much about this world?’

Besides working on videoprojects, Erik is looking for possibilities to combine therapy and modern technology:

“I strongly believe that modern technology can improve the current healthcare and I see the power of inspiring videocontent reaching all corners of the world. Because of my background in meditation and mindfulness, I am increasingly focused on prevention. Make sure that people stay better and giving help to make someone stronger in his work and/or life. My dream is to be able to reach and inspire as much people as possible. Inspire them to live a healthier and more valuable life. That is my main focus at this point.”

“I also make a blog. In this blog I want to regularly give updates on the things that I am currently working on. I like to share the beautiful stories I hear and the inspiring things that come my way. The First Blog is a summary of the last few years. An overview where I come from, to create an image of where I want to go. The same subjects as mentioned above, but a bit more explained.”