Videoseries Bijzonder!

Two years ago, the video series ‘Bijzonder!’ started (Dutch for Exceptional). The red line is that everyone has different work and other hobbies and therefore comes at places where others do not come often. Each video is a unique behind the scenes combined with an interview: what motivates you, what do you like so much about this world?

Because of this subject, every video takes us to completely different places. From a theme park in the startup phase to a firefighter and from

a 300+ km running relay to a road tripping surfer. Everyone gives us a unique insight into his or her life.

Below are the introduction video and two of the episodes. Episode 12 is about a climbing forest that provides work for people with a distance to the job market. Episode 14 is a unique behind the scene video of the biggest Halloween event of Europe. The videos are Dutch spoken, but are subtitled in English.

Introduction video




Episode 12 – Jeff and Michiko (Fun Forest Foundation)




Episode 14 – Halloween Fright Nights part 2





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Collaborations and partners


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