Blog – introduction [28 november 2018]


Welcome to my blog, thank you for your interest. In this blog I want to regularly give updates on the things that I am currently working on. I like to share the beautiful stories I hear and the inspiring things that come my way.

In this first blog I want to briefly summarize what I did in the last few years. An overview where I come from, to create an image of where I want to go. Since high school I practiced and learned a lot about mindfulness and meditation. My study was at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in Amsterdam. I studied Human movement sciences and I specialized in Psychomotor therapy (PMT). Immediately after my education I started working as a therapist.

Pyschomotor therapy is an experiential form of therapy. See me as an crossover between a psychologist and a gym teacher. I work in the sportshall and we do exercises, but we work with the same goals as the psychologist. For example to practice with new behavior, or exercises that provoke spontaneous behavior to give people insight in their behaviour.

I have always worked in the specialist mental healthcare (sGGZ). Many healthcare professionals come together in this intensive care setting and work together a lot. Many colleagues who work with the same people at the same time, but with a completely different background. It is very interesting and valuable to look at the same person with all these different eyes.

I have worked a lot in rehabilitation- and reintegration clinics. Most of my work was related with burnout, anxiety and depression. In addition to my therapy education, my experience in meditation and mindfulness has a big influence on my personal style.

Two years ago I started with the video series ‘Bijzonder!’ (‘Exceptional’ in Dutch). The red line is that everyone has different work and other hobbies and therefore comes at places where others do not come often. Each video is a unique behind the scenes combined with an interview: what motivates you, what do you like so much about this world?

Logo 1 - Bijzonder!
This is really fun to do! You come to the most diverse places and you meet the most diverse people. From a theme park in the startup phase to a firefighter and from a 300+ km running relay to a road tripping surfer. When you listen with open attention to the motives of somebody else, you sometimes hear the most inspiring stories. In addition, the video series also helped me to expand my work. Because of this serie I received the first paid videoassignments, which allows me to create income out of this wonderful hobby!

insta funforest

insta GRUT

insta TED

I have a big interes in modern technology and media. I regularly see possibilities to combine my work as a therapist and modern technology. I strongly believe that modern technology can improve the current healthcare and I see the power of inspiring videocontent reaching all corners of the world. Because of my background in meditation and mindfulness, I am increasingly focused on prevention. Make sure that people stay better and giving help to make someone stronger in his work and/or life. My dream is to be able to reach and inspire as much people as possible. Inspire them to live a healthier and more valuable life. That is my main focus at this point.

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