Honest and genuine stories are meaningful. Our human centred focus and personal connection results in unique en genuine dialogues. We create videos that connect and capture content in a respectful way. Truly social media. Enjoy!

Documentary ‘Ten years of TEDxAmsterdam’

This year TEDxAmsterdam celebrates its 10 years anniversary. Because of this event, TEDx was looking for filmmakers that can tell the story of this time. In a collaboration with Level V we created a unique behind the scenes.

Our goal was to capture the genuine passion and motivation of the volunteers. What motivates them to participate as a volunteer? The interview is combined with old material, so you can experience their story as well.

Bijzonder episode 15 – Wildworld

Dutchspoken, but with English subtitles. In episode 15 we are receiving a unique behind the screens of Dutch Zoo ‘de Apenheul’. Marco Westerhof explaines how over the past twenty years the concept op a zoo has evolved from being a simple animal collection to the inspirational sustainability centres they are today.

Collaboration and partners


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